Mirabelles is a “culottée” and intrepid brand!  We believe in reusable and washable period panties for people having periods! Sustainably made Mirabelles panties are the key to a healthy future for the people and the planet.

Mirabelles is the result of the meeting between Renata Miklewska and Myriam Kijowski-Tran. Moved and troubled by the disastrous and destructive consequences of classic disposable periodic protections on health and on the planet, they felt a huge need to democratize the access to healthy and responsible products for everyone having their periods:

„After having seen in other countries that period underwear have been created, we decided to do some research and create our own and new brand for the Polish market and more. We created the Mirabelles panties because we were tired, of even trying to imagine how many menstruation trashes are created each month or even each year. Forever… And this vision was overwhelming enough to motivate us to find some solution. We started to work together and it took us almost 1 year to find our sustainable, organic, menstrual Mirabelles panties and its design. We wanted to change the life of people, who would like to use reusable and washable period underwear, to be more Eco friendly, to save some money and to gain some time in the day for doing other things than changing themselves a few times per day with disposable protections. We as well wanted to open the discussion with polish people and others, with the periods and everything around this subject. Indeed, talking about having blood going out of our pussy is still very taboo in our societies, when it shouldn’t be. We wanted to bring back this amazing natural phenomena to the light and open discussions about the experiences of everyone, recommendations, etc. Finally, we wanted to be a useful business for society and its changes. Experiencing, at the moment, a sanitary and ecological crisis, there is no better time to show how people can be united between them and to show how the word “business” does not need to be anymore equal with “all the benefits to the owner(s) only”. We want to give the opportunity, via this business, to get some period protections for free for the people in need.” - Renata & Myriam, 2021.

Our mission

  • sustainably

  • to reduce
    the menstruation

  • provide
    about the period

  • to give back
    to the people
    in need

  • to work
    ethically with
    local people

Our Mirabelles panties are almost not creating any wastes and pollution: we are actively reducing the carbon footprint of our operations in three key areas: production, packaging, and shipping. By adopting efficient manufacturing processes we can keep waste to a minimum. On the packaging side, we’ve eliminated single-use plastics, sourcing compostable and renewable materials instead. We also offer GoGreen carbon neutral shipping as standard. We’ll never stop striving to do better, and we’ll update you as we go.

500 Zloty per year is the average spending for each woman concerning her menstrual protections. We’re on a mission to improve that - not just by supplying high quality, sustainably made Mirabelles panties, but also by providing people with an education and support, to build a healthier relationship with periods, blood and all the subjects around it via our Instagram page

We are on a mission to fight with our small means against menstrual poverty by setting up this solidarity percentage. Because everyone should have access to good quality protections during their menstrual cycle.

Clever and fashionable solution for an angry planet: we are having all the fabrics supplied from Eco friendly companies in Poland and in Europe and selling reusable and washable periodic panties. Mirabelles is committed to use the power of this business to build a more inclusive, local and sustainable economy.