What are menstrual panties?

Mirabelles panties are washable and reusable menstrual underwear that incorporate an absorbent and leak proof protective assembly. It is used instead of the usual menstrual pads protection (one time use). They are:


high absorbency
no leaks
no odor


they feel like in normal underwear they last for 6-12 hours


Why to use it?

It is an alternative for those who no longer tolerate tampons or pads (disposable protections), or menstrual cups (eco-friendly protection, but to be inserted inside the vagina).

Mirabelles panties are non-toxic, unlike other methods. They are good for you & for the planet.



panties are reusable and we use eco packaging


organic & recycled fabrics


made in Poland and we help those in need


panties last for years

How is it made?

No chemicals. No smell. No leaks.
3 layers which absorb the different kind of flow from 6 to 12h:

  • 1 - antibacterial
  • 2 - absorbent
  • 3 - waterproof
  • 4 - main fabric

Layer 1

Black Silver Ion fabric, 100% Cotton Oeko-Tex ® Standard 100 certified
Knitwear with silver ions is primarily bactericidal, therefore it is ideal for products that come into contact with the skin. Silver ions are an integral part of the cotton fibers from which the knitted fabric is made. The positive silver ions contained in the threads block the development of microbes and inhibit their growth beyond that natural for the skin. In this way, unpleasant odors that arise when bacteria and fungi multiply are also reduced.

Layer 2

100% bamboo microfiber, Oeko-Tex ® Standard 100 certified
Which means that their safety for the skin and the environment has been confirmed. They absorb up to 60% more water than a cotton fabric. Made in the spirit of ecology with particular attention to production ergonomics.

Layer 3

75% Polyester (PES), 25% Polyurethane (PU)
Soft and elastic 2-layer lining. Ideal as a thin, comfortable lining to make waterproof fabrics from the inside. High-quality outdoor fabric from a leftover. The direct recycling prevents the unused disposal of the material → Zero waste fabric

Main Fabric

Depending on the main fabric of the underwear. Could be:
- Organic Cotton, single jersey solid, with 94% organic cotton CO, 6% elastane
- Lenzing™ Ecovero™, single color, with 94% Lenzing™Ecovero™ Viscose fiber, 6% elastane

There are 3 types of Mirabelles
panties in terms of absorbency:


no absorbent layer
for better comfort and mobility
choose it for start or end of period


normal absorbant layer
choose it for regular flow

ultra / night

the most absorbent layer
the inner pad is bigger
choose it for heavy days or nights

How to use it?

You can use one Mirabelles panties 6-12 hours without any changes.

For the first time

you will have to build a trust with your panties. We recommend you, first, to try them all day at home. Before using your Mirabelles panties for the first time, we recommend that you machine wash them with similar colors and that it should be at 30 degrees/delicate cycle. The use of organic detergent is recommended.

But once this trust is done, you can finally enjoy this time for new things in life.

We would recommend to use one Mirabelles panties in the morning after the shower. This underwear will last for the all active day. Use the second underwear when you come back home and refresh yourself, or before going to sleep. You could leave this second Mirabelles panties on, all night. You will not need any other additional protections. Repeat as long as you have some blood or other things leaking out of you.

How to wash it?

We recommend first to soak the fabric quickly in cold water with salt to absorb the blood. It also works with wet potato starch or colorless vinegar. If not too much time, you can as well put it under the cold water and wring the blood out. After soaking is complete, perform a normal wash in the washing machine at 30 ℃ / delicate cycle or by hand with organic stain remover soap.

You have two options for drying your Mirabelles panties. Drying in the open air, which is a gentle and environmentally friendly solution. Or laying flat at home and not too close to any heaters.

Remember taking care of your Mirabelles panties is like taking care of our planet. The longer you keep them, the happier the planet and the wallet will be!


in water with salt, colourless vinegar or potato starch


in the washing machine at 30 degrees/delicate cycle or by hand with organic stain remover soap


in the open air or laying flat at home and not too close to any heaters

no iron

no dry clean

no bleach

*Before starting the wash

We would like to remind you that blood is totally natural. Try to get closer to your own blood. Rinsing your underwear under cold water before wash will give you some time to get closer and closer to it. Don’t be afraid, it will be alright.