Suspended menstrual panties

Offer Mirabelles panties for someone in need.

This concept comes from suspended coffees. The suspended coffee, from the Italian „caffè sospeso”, is a solidarity tradition straight from the city of Naples. In Neapolitan bars, customers would consume one coffee and pay two for another needy customer. This solidarity gesture was born in the middle of the 20th century, during the Second World War.

Due to the actual economical situation, our solidarity concept is close to that: inside the final price of one of our panties, we include a certain percentage to be able to produce some more of them for people in need. Those solidarity panties are given directly to associations for people having periods and that are in need. Our customers (you) agree to pay for our panties, keeping in mind this solidarity percentage, to give the opportunity to make new solidarity ones.

So 10% of each Mirabelles panties will be donated to produce new solidarity panties. Those will be then donated to everyone that is having periods and being in needs!